Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Discussions

Church on the street is great.

These days, I'm fully convinced that going out and being the church and meeting people where they're at is how the church should really be. But I had never really thought about it before Broken Hearts, and so I'm just lucky that I sort of stumbled onto it and am now part of a church expression that I value so highly.

The past few weeks, there have been a lot of people at The Refuge service at midnight. We'd had many weeks of 1-2 people in addition to our team, but these days the numbers have grown. But what I really love about it is seeing who shows up and how the discussion goes. Several different weeks, we've had individuals refuse to come to Bible study, totally disinterested...only to show up on their own accord.

This last week we had a few returners, who also brought disinterested friends with them. I'd asked a guy hanging out with us on the street corner if he'd come, and he kept saying no, although we did get to chat beforehand. And lo and behold, he not only came but fully participated in the service.

We had another guy come, and his face looked vaguely familiar, but it took me a long time to talk to him  because I was pretty sure I hadn't met him before. But as soon as I introduced myself and asked if we'd met, he said, "yeah, I'm "Ty", but I met you a while ago going by "Anthony"". Then it all came back to me, I knew exactly who he was - odd, because we'd only spent one night talking and I hadn't seen him since. But amazingly, I still remembered who he was and bits of the conversation we'd had. In fact, I'm pretty sure I had written about him on this blog.

The last we'd talked, he was temporarily homeless. He was really down and struggling a lot, and just trying to find a place to live and maintain his job. We'd talked for quite a while, prayed, and exchanged phone numbers. He called me a few days later letting me know he'd found a temporary place to stay. And I never heard from him again. When I met him this week, he was living in an apartment by Santa Monica beach, still holding his wonderful PR job, and seemed very happy with things. He also joined The Refuge and was a big participant in all of the discussion.

Please pray that these great discussions would not only serve to educate, make people think, and bring people together, but that they would always result in the opportunity and acceptance to hear the gospel and receive God's Spirit.

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