Sunday, February 7, 2010


I feel like I haven't written in forever. I suppose because the past few weeks have been fairly mellow and not particularly unusual.

Jeremiah has not really preached during The Refuge, but rather read through a chapter of Genesis and then we've opened it up for discussion and questions, which has actually been very cool. While teaching is necessary, it's also cool to see how taking a break really does bring out all kinds of questions. But rather than Jere just answer everything, the people who come to the bible study also participate in answering questions and giving their opinions. From 'did dinosaurs exist?' to 'why did God put a tree of good and evil in the garden?', we've had some great discussion.

But it always strikes me that some of these people on the street know the bible and have thought about these things just as much as us. Yet their lives don't match up to their knowledge. Granted, ours often don't either...but I think our desire to change and live by the spirit is the difference. The Spirit doesn't seem to be a part of their lives...or something. I can't judge each person and act like I know their spiritual life, but can a good tree bear bad fruit?

I'm just praying that so many of these who join us each week and hear the Word of God would actually internalize it, receive the Holy Spirit and be transformed for his glory.

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Rachel Ann said...

Thanks for writing again. By the way, when I read your posts I totally hear your voice and intonation in my head.