Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Satan's Posse lives in Hollywood

Satan hangs out in Hollywood, I see it every week. (Of course, he hangs out everywhere, but I see him at work here). Why is it that our bible study is almost interrupted? Or people fall asleep, or we're surrounded by distractions? It's almost guaranteed that each week our bible study will not go smoothly and the people who most need to hear it will be distracted and turn their attention away from what God is trying to speak to them. People's souls are empty and open to whatever Satan wants to do through them, from drunken rants to cursing God to fights. He's got plenty of tools to make our work difficult.

A few weeks ago I posted an excited praise about "Zoe" going to a recovery center. While there, a few of the leaders got high with him, and 2 days later he was gone from the center, back on the streets. Oh, Satan is good. 2 weeks ago another friend who hangs out with us each week was planning to check into the same center on the following Monday after he got a legal situation straightened out. He ended up having some trouble with his hearing, going to the doctor, and now afraid he's permanently losing his hearing. And he doesn't want to go to a recovery program until he can get this figured out. Again, Satan is good.

Of course there are glimpses of hope...people entering shelters and recovery, even if it's briefly. A young transvestite who brings friends to our bible study and listens intently - when he actually makes it.

If you read this, any prayer on Thursday nights would be greatly appreciated for extra defense against Satan and his crew of demons. Thanks!

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