Friday, June 25, 2010


I often pray: "God, give me opportunities to be your hands and feet today", and ask him to open up doors to share the truth and love of the gospel. Then I walk out the door and my mind is quickly consumed with thoughts of me - my plans, my problems, my agenda.  I walk to the gym or run an errand to the store or go to meet up with a friend, and anyone who gets in my way or makes me slow down is suddenly a nuisance. And I wonder why I don't have more chances to tell people about Jesus. 

Thursdays are a constant reminder to me that it's all about making ourselves available. If you really break it down, all that Broken Hearts really does on a Thursday or Friday night is carve out some space and time to make ourselves available to whatever God wants to do. No agenda (except for midnight bible study) or place to go. Just blocking out time to hang with people and intentionally starting up and building some relationships, sharing about Jesus at every opportunity. 

It makes me realize that being "on  mission" or sharing the gospel isn't really so's just that we don't make the time or opportunity for it. I find if I'm just hanging out somewhere or wandering the streets without any real destination, it's easy to enter into conversation with all types of people. 

If someone asks me for money on the way to the gym, I might stop to talk if I'm having a good, seriously-filled-with-the Holy-Spirit kind of day, but most likely I'll politely let them know I don't have any money on me and continue on my mission to workout. Yet when that same scenario happens during Broken Hearts, it can turn into an entirely different matter. 

As I approached Del Taco last night, I saw that I was the first one there. Before I'd stopped walking, a tall, could-be-a-bodyguard sized African American man standing in the parking lot hit me up for cash. I didn't have any, as all I'd brought with me was my keys and phone. Though he wanted a little money, after a few moments of talking, it seemed like the conversation may have been wanted even more, because he barely mentioned the money again. Instead told me all about his homelessness, playing the rap game, and ranting about trying to make it in the music business and the politics that go with it. He told me many stories about friends and family who will barely help him out as he's struggled with trying to pursue his dream, and how they all want something in return. 

His vocal adherence to one or two points may have been due to the influence of alcohol making itself known from his breath as he stood very close to talk....but the issue seemed to be a legitimate hurt. "Terrell" paused briefly to meet Antquan and Katrina when they arrived, but otherwise just continued venting to me until Antquan finally called all of us together to pray. He repeated some of his sentiments to the group until Antquan politely interrupted to pray. 

Before Antquan had even finished praying for Terrell, he interrupted to thank God and thank us for praying for him. He was so encouraged by the prayer and intercession on his behalf he just had to shout out a praise. He apologized for interrupting, but said it just meant to much to have someone pray and ask God to watch out for him. That it was more than any of his other friends had done or given to him. 

He didn't stick around much longer because he had to catch a bus. But for just a few moments that night we'd been able to share some love, compassion and the peace of God with Terrell. Which is more than I can say for my other days most weeks. All just because we were standing outside of a Del Taco with no plans other than to love God and love people.

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