Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our God is Mighty to Save!

God is faithful! Even when I doubt....

This past Sunday, I picked up our friend 'Jake' for church at his request. He almost didn't make it. I woke him up with my phone call Sunday morning to make sure he was coming, and he was so tired he didn't want to come. When he found out I was only coming up to take him, he decided to come. He had to rush, but ended up making it, despite his desire to just stay home and rest. As it turned out, he loved church, enjoyed the people and message and recognized God's working in his life. He thanked me for taking him and was glad he'd come, even though he hadn't wanted to...

Last night I got a phone call from Jake. He excitedly told me about how he'd gotten a grant to go to rehab and that he'd be entering today after he got logistics worked out. He's nervous about it, scared about the huge step that he'll be taking and commitment he's making, but couldn't stop saying how excited he was.
He's already been clean for about three weeks, so I reminded him he could do this and he would make it through those 90 days. He admitted he wanted to party one last time, but knew he couldn't because he'd said that before and never committed to rehab. This time he wasn't going to go back down that road.

He told me about how God has been SO present in his life this week; how he's not doing any of this on his own, how he's trusting God and trying to put his faith into action. He cannot deny the power and presence of God and is so excited about it. He said he's never been this close to God in his whole life, even growing up in the church, and that he's never trusted him this much. And when he gets out of his 90 day rehab, he wants to get plugged into the Hollywood Church because he enjoyed it so much when he was there. He said he wants to dive into the word and spend time reading scripture; he proclaimed God's faithfulness and patience and that He's never given up on him.  He said some of his friends at the AA meetings and help centers he's been going to see how far he's already come and are asking how, and how they can get there. In his own words, Jake talked about laying down his will and agenda for God's.

He also went on to give huge encouragement to the work God is doing through Broken it was appointed by God that he met us and connected instantly and that if it weren't for us he probably wouldn't have made these choices. He was talking about how many people are just a mess down there and that we need to keep doing what we're doing because God's using us. At least for me, no matter how many times I tell myself that, I often doubt if God's really doing as much as I'd like to hope. Hearing that was just crazy proof that it matters what we are doing...that we are having a profound impact through the power of Christ.

He said that we're so genuine and that you never see the church go down there to be with people...and that the people on the street recognize that and know we're for real. He just gave so much glory to God for what has happened through us to change him and encouragement to keep doing this work becuase it matters. And he thanked me profusely for all we've done to help him. He was crying...I was was amazing :)

God has completely answered our prayers for well about my own prayers about confirming my vision to be in Hollywood doing this full time one day.

Please pray that entering rehab today would go smoothly, that there would be no obstacles, and that God would protect him from Satan's attacks as he's getting so fired up about changing and surrending his will to Christ.  Pray for his sobriety and that he would continue to seek strength and comfort from Christ alone.

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Kid Feed Mommy said...

What an awesome report, Holly! I will be praying for Jake as he enters rehab.