Friday, June 19, 2009

BH Updates

Last weekend Broken Hearts held our first official Board of Directors Meeting!

As we continue to pursue loftier and more extravagant dreams and visions for Hollywood, this was a great step towards unity and wisdom as we walk that road.

I won't add much more about that, but will say more about the day in general. I rarely go to Hollywood during the day - at least not to our part of Hollywood. I think I've been once or twice, and can barely even tell where I am because everything looks so different in the light of day.(metaphor for Christ noted) :)

I'd been feeling slightly agitated with our ministry lately, to be quite honest, losing some compassion and desire to build relatoinships with those we meet on the street. Some of them just seem so far gone - mentally or spiritually or due to drug use, that it feels hopeless and pointless sometimes. I read stories about other ministries and other opportunities people have and think, "why can't we just interact with some people who actually want help? People that would respond to some kindness and love and maybe give a second thought about the hope that comes from God?"

At the same time, my desire to have a building and be able to really pour into lives in Hollywood on a regular basis was starting to drive me nuts. Not being able to have what I wanted and pursue the burdens on my heart and feeling ineffective as a result. So I drove through 2 hours of traffic to LA to meet with the board, discouraged and uninspired, almost questioning if this is really where I want to be.

As I exited the 101 at Santa Monica Blvd and drove through the crowded city streets in daylight, it was like I was experiencing a whole new place. Crowded shops selling clothes and flowers and various tchotskys, and all types of cafes and restaurants open, and clubs and theaters preparing for the evening. The crowds included some similar types of people we might meet on a typical Thursday or Friday night, but there were also the business men and women, tourists, teenagers goofing off and chatting on cell phones, families buying groceries, homeless people meandering down the streets, and just about every variety of personality you could hope to find. A normal city, full of so many types of people, religious backgrounds, differences and similarities.

'Wow' I thought. 'Yes, this is what I want more of. I really do want that building that can not only be operational at night, but open during the day to all of these people. We'd have community, we'd have endless opportunities to meet people and hang out over coffee or whatever we might have available to them. A nice, creative, relaxed atmosphere would fit in just fine here, and hopefully draw people in.'

I guess sometimes I feel like we're so limited at night, wondering what kind of community we can really build. Or like everyone fits into a mold and so if we can't figure out how to break those walls, we're stuck.

Yet as I drove through, and then walked from my parking spot into our location in a prominent shopping center further down Santa Monica than I've ever gone, my heart skipped at the possibility. I no longer felt boxed in or confused or frustrated, but instead invigorated by what God could do here.

Please pray for us as we look for a building, come up with strategic long-term plans and pursue fundraising to provide a place to facilitate community and share Christ with the broken.

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