Saturday, March 14, 2009


Last week as I was talking to our friend 'Ravi' about shelters and programs that people can go into for help, he was telling me about his frustrations with how they're treated at these types of places. Something he said struck a chord with me, "That's why we keep coming down here, even though we know no one gives a shit about us, at least they're willing to pretend like they care. At these places they don't care about us and they treat us like shit."

How tragic. People keep hanging out with"friends" who feign concern, rather than choose a safe place where they can sleep, eat and get help, because they feel uncared for there. It helps explain, at least to some extent, why so many people continue to live homeless, or as squatters or move from shelter to shelter, when it seems illogical. If they feel more love from the streets - even if it's fake - they'd rather be around that and be able to pretend they're loved.

He also told me that it took a while for him to trust us, to believe we actually cared about him. He thought we were full of it, too. But it showed me how crucial our genuine love, consistency and care is for the people we interact with. We have to show that we care in order to show Jesus cares, and impact their lives. Further, we have to genuinely care, not just act like it, because they can read straight through that.

The people who care about them and earn their trust are the people they will look to for council, wisdom, friendship, help, etc. Our words about God can be taken seriously when we back them up with our genuine care for their well-being.

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