Sunday, August 17, 2008

A week for celebration

I think I've said this before, but my lack of posting lately is not an indication of a lack of things happening on the streets or things to write about, but just my own personal lack of time to record it all.

This past week we didn't leave the Del Taco parking lot the entire evening (all 3 of us who went out this week). As soon as we hit the pavement, "Ravi", a guys we had met a few weeks ago, met us excitedly, explaining that he had been looking for us since 9pm and was about to give up when he came to look one more time. And while a lot of people know that we come out there, or maybe hope to see us, very few pursue us with as much determination as he did. It was encouraging to think that for at least one person, knowing that they can expect us and seeing us during the week is of so much importance. That's our hope, that people know when and where to expect us, ad might look forward to that point in the week when they can talk to some people who will listen to them, who care about them, and who are ready to share some encouragement and truth.

His thoughts were consumed with what God had been doing in his life and with some ideas he had put on paper about dealing with people and situations in his life.

On the other hand, another guy we've known for a while also found us, but had more interest in getting a free drink from us than from actually hanging out. Months ago I wrote about him, and how well he was doding. He would spend hours talking to us on Thursdays, sharing his life and struggles and wanting things to get better. And though he's in school, he's back hanging out on the streets and acting very different than he used to.

So, one meeting of great encouragement, coupled with one of disappointment.
Which played out at the end of the night as well...when we dropped off Ravi, who was incredibly excited about moving into a shelter the next day. But he got out of the car with his two backpacks and said he'd be staying in a spot underneath a bridge that night. Thank God he now has a place to stay...

Then on Friday, we had the joy of taking Big Mama out to celebrate her many accomplishments over the past few months. A few months ago we made a list of tasks with her for her to do, such as getting her fingerprints, having her eyes checked, stop smoking weed, and checking out a shelter or transitional living center. Not only has she done some of those, but accomplished much more and is currently living in a Christian transitional living center to recover and get back on her feet. She is learning more and more to rely on God, pray instead of worry, and is trying to get her friends off the street as well. God is changing her using her to bring about change as well. So a small group of us took her to an Italian restaurant in Hollywood to celebrate her and how far she's come. Praise God for the tangible ways he's moving in her life!

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